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We absolutely love being creative and making ideas come to life! We are all for a unique event theme and brand installations!

The Journey to Betty Boujee

We thank you for joining us on this amazing journey and for allowing us to create freely, set trends and produce high profile and boujee events.

Betty Boujee's Mission

Our Mission

It's our mission to inspire and help people celebrate the important moments in life, create memories, connect with those we love and have fun!

  • Noi Amar

    Creative Director + Founder

  • Bar


  • Frassire

    Team Coordinator

  • Grace

    Social Media / Marketing Manager

  • Eden

    Event Assistant 

Note from Noi:

If you are new to my page/site, welcome! If you know me personally, you know it's not my nature to put myself on the forefront of my work but here l am giving a face to the name. It's new but extremely exciting nonetheless. l'll be sharing more of myself and what moves me.

If you know me as an artist and have been following my work, thank you for all your love and for supporting my journey in all my creative endeavors for the past 10 years.

Covid has transformed the world we live in. The art and event industry has been challenged to say the least. Sometimes it feels like it's for the worse but I'd like to believe there is beauty and reason to this change. I have embraced this pivotal moment stepping forward and establishing Betty Boujee Design House, rooted from my love for the creative arts and event hosting.

As a young girl I always remember myself drawn to the arts and crafts. This past year I’ve found a new passion and a new artistic outlet. lt started with painting and creating unique backdrops but I found myself creatively invested in my client's events, naturally evolving into a full service event design company. I am a first generation artist, woman, business owner and first generation immigrant. I am a culmination of all that has shaped me to this day and proudly stand as the product of my experiences. The dream continues!

I design because creativity lives in my heart and I get to do what my heart loves for a living. lt sounds cheesy, l know, but this is what fuels me. I love hard and work even harder to live a life worth living. So stick around. Once this madness has passed and we start producing the events we're designing now you will get to see the world behind the beauty of an artistic event designer.

If you're looking to design your event, get at me! Let's make magic together. 

l'm looking forward to making all your event dreams come to life.

Love and best wishes to all.

Noi  |  Creative Director and Founder

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