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Moroccan Boho Setup

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SAME AS BOHO but will include more colorful Moroccan theme colors and accents. Bright Magentas, golds, pinks, purples etc'...

What's included:

- Delivery (Jacksonville Area)
- Full set-up and break down.
- Event service up to 3 hours

- 2x Macrame umbrellas
- 2x Area rugs. (BOHO)
- 2x Picnic* style tables.
- 3 Grand Fresh floral décor bouquets for table centerpieces. (all white+pinks)
- Boho table décor accents. (all whites/nudes/natural color palette)
- Small boho ice bucket for tabletop
- Cushions and pillows for seating for up to 12 guests
- Table runner
- 12x Placemats
- 12x Charger plates (gold)
- 12x Premium plastic Plates. (white)
- 24x Glassware (12x Champagne Glass Coupes + 12x Water Goblets)
- 12x Linen napkins matching event color scheme.
- 12x Silverware set matching event color scheme.
- 2x Baskets with faux florals for décor

  • Hassle-Free

    As a FULL SERVICE event planning and decorating company, we assure a LEAVE NO TRACE BEHIND service when breaking down your event. This means we will pick up any remnants, dispose of waste properly and clean up the space respecting the venue or public space.